Research Domains
Topics of Interest for Paper Presentation and Submissions are divided into six (6) domain of research areas. Participants are required to identify their research area from the list below:

(A) Design Engineering (B) Manufacturing Engineering (C) Industrial and Engineering Management
i) Design for Assembly, Manufacturing, and X
ii) Industrial and Engineering Design
iii) Efficient, Economics and Ergonomics Design
iv) Others
i) Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing
ii) Flexible Manufacturing System
iii) Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing
iv) Robotics and Automation
v) Non-Traditional Machining
vi) Others
i) Quality, Reliability, Environment and Safety Engineering
ii) Product, Design and Manufacturing: Management, Operations, Process and Services
iii) Cost and Market Analysis
iv) Logistics and Supply Chain
v) Others

(D) Engineering Sciences and Technology (E) Computational in Design and Manufacturing (F) Interdisciplinary Engineering and Misc.
i) Materials
ii) Process Engineering
iii) Thermodynamics and Thermochemical
iv) Tool Engineering
v) Mathematical and Numerical Methods
vi) Others
i) CAD / CAM
ii) CAE / FEA / CFD /FEM / FDE / FVM
iii) CIM / DNC
iv) NC / CNC
v) Simulation and Virtual Manufacturing
vi) Others
i) Smart Manufacturing / AI / IoT / IT / Industrie 4.0 / DM
ii) Sustainable / Renewable Design and Manufacturing
iii) Metrology and Testing
iv) Others

Please indicate your research area during the abstract submission, for example, others related manufacturing engineering = B6.